GLACIER NATIONAL PARK is a 1,000,000 acre park that is located in Montana just south of the Canadian provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. The park was transformed by over 150 glaciers that carved its valleys and rounded its mountainsides, hence the name glacier.  The current climate pattern over the last two centuries has seen the melting of these glaciers and now there are about 25 that still remain.   Glacier sits on a very unique ecosystem referring to as Crown of the Continent and is one of the few places that can claim the land, flora and fauna are the exact same as when first discovered by European explorers.  There are over 1,100 species of plants found in the landscape dominated by the coniferous forest of spruce, fir, pine and larch trees.  Many mammals, birds and reptiles are also found in the park.  Glacier is home to around 300 grizzly bears and provides the only area in the world where there is a thriving population that isn’t threatened. One of the symbols of the park is the mountain goat as it may hike right past you on the trail. Big horned sheep, moose, elk, deer and coyote are common sights; if lucky, you may see the very rare wolverine or lynx.