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EXP provides incomparably luxurious events, retreats, and incentive travel programs for corporate groups. With meticulously planned and seamlessly operated custom programs, we are entirely committed to the highest level of trust and care.

Programs Designed on Purpose

Before we plan any program, our number one goal is to capture the why behind your event or trip. We seek to fully understand what will motivate your team through a deliberate consultative process that is both easy for you and educational for us. The more educated we are about the unique dynamics and personalities of your group and the clearer we understand your organizational objectives, the more prepared we will be to create truly meaningful experiences that will inspire and motivate your team.

Events Created from Scratch

Unlike traditional event planners, we do not sell pre-packaged programs. All of our events and retreats are created from scratch, designed specifically to suit your team’s unique qualities as well as your organization’s purpose for the program. Every detail is thoroughly weighed and carefully planned when considering what would best serve your company. All this makes for a memorable experience—a wow factor—that is custom tailored for you.

Itineraries Filled with Adventure

Adventure means different things to different groups. It could be an exotic, privately guided trip to a beautiful and rare location. Or, your retreat could feature a philanthropic event dedicated to the charity of your choice. Whether adrenaline-pumping or more subtle, our itineraries are sure to ignite a sense of adventure that your typical corporate event cannot deliver.

Service Delivery Marked by Precision

While we are proud of our unique approach to event planning, this is no rookie organization. For nearly two decades, we’ve been catering to the highest level of luxury and dedicated service in the industry. There is little room for error at the top. Amateurism gets noticed but, thankfully, professionalism gets noticed even more quickly which is why we are so proud of our track record of excellence.