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“Save Everything” is the motto of Ted Turner, owner of some of the most unique reserves and luxury resorts in the United States. This motto stems from his belief that all of nature deserves a sacred sanctuary in which to thrive. Ted Turner’s endeavors have helped support the increase in luxury ecotourism, travel with a cause. Now your time of relaxation can play a part in preserving wildlife and rehabilitating the earth. Vermejo Park Ranch, located in New Mexico, is one of Turner’s magnificent sanctuaries that spans over 555,000 acres. Vermejo Park Ranch has put in countless years of time and effort to save endangered species of mule deer, wild ferrets, and elk, all of which can be found roaming through the serene reserve.

“I like to describe it as 920 square miles of freedom”

James Reidy, Activity Manager at Vermejo Park Ranch

Besides saving endangered species of animals, Vermejo Park Ranch also works to protect the local flora found at the ranch. Since 1998 the Reserve has sought to restore the ponderosa pine forests back to their pre-settlement condition and has treated over 18,000 acres. The Reserve has also begun to restore and regenerate fallen aspen forests while continually monitoring the baseline conditions of vegetation for the entire property.


Family, Food and Wild Elk

You may be wondering where the resort and vacation part comes in. Tucked away in Vermejo Park Ranch lies several different luxury mansions and lodges. The Reserve offers holistic spa services, locally-sourced restaurants, and countless outdoor activities that will immerse you into nature. Don’t be surprised if you happen to see a herd of bison passing you on your horseback riding expedition. With over 19 fishable lakes and 30 miles of pristine streams, there will be plenty of peaceful fishing, canoeing, and lakeside yoga. In the evenings, settle in for games on the porch, cozy fireplaces, and tasty cocktails. All the while breathing in the crisp, alpine air of Vermejo Park Ranch.

With luxury ecotourism on the rise, Vermejo offers guests a front seat to their conservation efforts with wildlife tours guided by their onsite specialists. Go on a relaxing birdwatching expedition or go hunting for male elk antlers that are shed around the property each year. For any photographers, Vermejo has several seasonal photography workshops so you can capture the wildlife, foliage, and beauty of The Reserve. There is even a Junior Tracker activity program for kids to learn about western history, horsemanship, bugs, fish, and animals. They will create fun crafts and games out of the things they find in nature, a true escape from technology. For any history buffs, Vermejo has plenty to share about the ancient history of the property. Discover the abandoned villages and logging operations. Observe the ancient petroglyphs or take a look at the collections of artifacts that depict the rich culture and history of the civilizations that once inhabited the land.


Ted Turner’s passion for wildlife and nature has created a new way to vacation.  A way to honor the earth and support the protection of the wild animals that once roamed freely. EXP Journeys is excited to support Vermejo Park Ranch in expanding the possibilities of luxury ecotourism and continually educating on the subject of conscious travel. Vermejo Park Ranch is the ultimate place to quietly observe wildlife and learn what it means to have a symbiotic, peaceful relationship with the animals and the land.


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