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What We Do

EXP Journeys is not a travel agency or tour company. We are purveyors of unique experiences, focused on private, custom travel. As seasoned travel guides with local connections in the areas we serve, we take our clients off the beaten path, and create experiences that are entirely unique for each traveler and each trip. Your journey is designed for you, and only you. Our aim is to elevate and enhance the life moments you have on a trip - and create that "wow" factor that will delight and surprise.


Not only have our guides spent significant time exploring the areas we travel to, but we have strong relationships with local experts who help us uncover hidden experiences that immerse you in the history and spirit of these natural spaces, and connect you to the natural environment around you. From the blue skies of the Rockies to the dusty cowboy towns of the Old West, you'll experience the world as it was before and is today. Bottom line - we've got it dialed in.

We sweat the details

When you’re taking the path less traveled, the unexpected can occur. Whether it’s a sudden change in the weather or a necessary tweak to your schedule, we have a plan A, B and C. No matter what hurdles pop up during the journey, we’re behind the scenes clearing them so you don’t even have to think about jumping.

how our process works


Every journey starts with a phone call.

You can ask us questions about your destination of interest, and we ask you questions getting to the heart of why you want to travel and what your ideal journey would include. Based on this conversation, we build a custom itinerary created specifically for you.

Call us anytime at +1 858-356-9411, fill out our request form through the site, or e-mail us at


Based on that great first conversation, we draw from our expertise and put together a “flow” for your journey. This might include various routing options, custom private tour suggestions, and conceptual designs to make sure we’re on the right track. Want more down time in the morning? Let’s move that sunrise hike to a sunset trek. Don’t want to even have to think about meals? We’ve got a private chef we’ll send to your cabin to prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner… and custom cocktails with your favorite tequila.


A seamless and truly custom itinerary is the sum of dozens of well-thought-out details. Once we’ve nailed the flow, we coordinate with guides, accommodations, and logistics providers to make sure all the unique components of your journey fit together perfectly. You’re presented with a detailed itinerary and a precise price. A deposit of 30% is requested at this point in order to confirm the journey definitively.


We don’t kick our feet up once you decide to book your journey – we hit the ground running and never stop. Getting updates from our guides in the field and remaining in contact with our partners and with you, we’re able to ensure your experience will be unique and seamless. If the snowmelt looks like it’s going to cloud fly fishing in our original location, let’s move you to a different river. Dinosaur bones were just discovered a few miles from your accommodations? Let’s arrange a behind-the-scenes paleontology tour. Final payment is requested at this point, and you will receive your finalized itinerary sure to take your breath away.


We’re as excited for your journey as you are, and your EXPerience Concierge will be with you every step of the way. We’re always working ahead to make sure your journey is seamless, but should you ever need or want to contact us, we’re always here to help. Need a restaurant recommendation in Moab? We’ve got you covered. Decided after your VIP Rodeo experience that you do want to go horseback riding after all? We’ll make it happen.


After you settle back in at home, we love to hear how your journey unfolded, both your favorite details and anything that could have been improved. Let’s keep the conversation open and together answer our favorite question – where will EXP Journeys take you next?