We take a creative, client-centric approach to our work.  We do not outsource your experience.  It’s important to us for it to be seamless which means the development, management and execution is all done in-house.  This allows us to take 100% responsibility for your journey. As far as we’re concerned, the first and last decision you have to make is calling us.  Because we believe that if you’re going on a vacation, you should actually be on one. We’ve already figured out Plan C should it rain and all of the umbrellas magically disappear.  

We believe that everyone should have a lifetime of once-in-a-lifetime experiences. The way we deliver those is by always starting with a blank slate, cultivating the world’s best guides, and constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible by never doing the same thing twice. 

For those who expect more from their luxury travels than a well-appointed itinerary, EXP is the travel brand that builds once-in-a-lifetime experiences designed from the ground up, just for You. 


travel raised to the nth degree