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Ariel was born and raised in San Diego and is excited to finally be back in the area after moving away for college and graduate school. She grew up taking road trips up and down the state and across the country with her family, camping and hiking her way through California and staying in some pretty unique places on drives to the Midwest and East Coast. Ariel’s first camping trip was to Sequoia when she was eight weeks old, and she’s loved exploring the outdoors and sleeping in tents ever since. While at college in Northern California, she took many weekend excursions out into the Sierra Nevadas, exploring the Yosemite backcountry and surrounding areas, and looks forward to doing much more of this now that she’s back in California.

When she’s not supporting the Events staff and clients, Ariel can be found reacquainting herself with San Diego’s many trails, cycling the county’s backroads, and running around on the beach with her Greyhound.