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Growing up in Cleveland and spending his childhood summers on the coast of Vancouver Island, Eric was shown the gift of travel from a very early age. Combining his years in engineering and manufacturing with his true passions of art and travel, Eric is dedicated to constantly improving the internal processes at EXP that help make guests’ journeys seamless and unique. His goal is for every journey to be filled with unforgettable experiences that deepen the personal connections between family, friends, and colleagues. He will tell you that there is nothing better than hearing a client say, “This was the best day ever!” or “I never thought we could have so much fun as family.”

Exploring the outdoors is a lifelong passion that has taken Eric from working as a dive master on the Great Barrier Reef to exploring every corner the national parks; from snowcat skiing in the Canadian Rockies to surfing the waves of Nicaragua. You may catch Eric in the field behind a camera lens or playing a character set on delighting and entertaining everyone around him.

“Everything that you can imagine is real.” – Pablo Picasso