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Josh grew up in San Diego and spent a lot of his time exploring the wonderful outdoor places in Southern California and the Southwest. After graduating with a B.S in Environmental Biology and Management and minor in Oceanography from UC Davis, he decided to take his knowledge to share the outdoors with ours. Josh gained valuable outdoor guiding experience from leading outings for various companies: San Diego River Park Foundation, Positive Adventures, Outdoor Outreach, the Elementary Institute of Science, and Seacamp San Diego. In these past years, Josh has honed his instructing skills in various activities ranging from rock climbing to snowboarding and surfing to snorkeling, always ensuring client safety and enjoyment on adventures outdoors.

As an instructor, Josh is passionate about connecting people to the inherent value of the outdoors. The environment becomes even more magical when you start to understand all the natural wonders that are at play together. He also recently pursued a Masters in Marine Biodiversity and Conservation from Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

In fact, Josh is often referred to as a nature nerd because he is always dropping “Nature Nuggets” on his adventures with both clients and friends. Josh is very qualified in guiding with his years of experiences and many certifications including Wilderness First Responder and Leave No Trace Master Educator.

In his spare free time, Josh can be found playing beach volleyball, rock climbing, hiking and camping, enjoying live music, and photographing wildlife and landscapes. Josh got the travel bug and loves to try new experiences wherever he can.