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Born and raised 20 miles outside of Manhattan, Tena naively assumed the globe revolved around that tiny radius. Little did she know, there was an entire world of people and landscapes to explore.

After spending a semester in Italy and graduating from university in New York, Tena returned to Italy where she spent a year selling and guiding trips across Western Europe for travelers on a budget. This is where she truly learned the definition of “thinking on your feet” right before maps and translation apps were available at our fingertips.

Since then, her career in travel has led her to experience some incredible moments like canyoning through the Swiss Alps, spotting four of the Big Five in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, learning the tango in Buenos Aires, and connecting with locals at every turn. 

When Tena isn’t curating epic travel experiences for guests, she enjoys exploring New England, staying active, and hosting friends & family in Salem, MA where she resides with her wife.