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The pisco sour isn’t just a cocktail, it’s a part of Peru’s history and modern gastronomic culture. If you are a foodie looking for a unique and refreshing drink, the pisco sour doesn’t disappoint. From Pisco’s origins as a colonial port for Spanish settlers, to the American expat who experimented with cocktails in his bar in Lima, the pisco sour is filled with a rich taste of bitters and Peruvian culture.


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The History Of The Drink

The earliest mention of the Pisco Sour is from the early 1920’s in newspaper and magazine advertisements for Morris’ Bar in Lima. Morris’ bar was founded by Victor “Gringo” Morris, an expat from Salt Lake City, Utah. Morris’ bar was a magnet for the Peruvian upper class and English-speaking foreigners.

Morris, known for his experimentation with alcoholic beverages, created the Pisco Sour as a whiskey sour alternative. The recipe went through variations throughout the 1920’s until it was finally perfected into the recipe sipped with gusto today.

Clay Pisco Vats

Clay Pisco Vats


The Rooted Significance Of Pisco

Pisco is a type of brandy produced in the winemaking regions of Peru. This brandy was developed by Spanish settlers as early as the 16th century as an alternative to orujo, a brandy imported from Spain. This was advantageous to the Spanish to produce a brandy based off of domestic fruit because they no longer needed to transport alcoholic beverages to remote locations.

The Peruvian town of Pisco, which is by a river that shares the same name, used to be a colonial port. The brandy adopted the name of this city as this is where it was exported from to Europe. Today, both Peru and Chile have claimed this tasty cocktail as their national drink and there is some tension as to which country is the originator. The pisco sour even has its own holiday, the first Saturday of February.

Pisco Sour Luxury Travel Tours

A vacation in Peru isn’t complete without experiencing their national drink. For a luxury travel experience, or perhaps private guided travel to Peru, look no further than this excellent Pisco Sour tasting. Let your taste buds explore the four major variations of the national drink and learn how to pair the beverage with the perfect meal.Experience Lima like a local and tour the city through street food and a pisco sour making class and understand why Lima is called The Gastronomic City of America.There are more luxury travel experiences involving the Pisco Sour in Miraflores, an upscale district in Lima. Varieties of tours include private chefs and bartenders, food tours, and cocktail classes.

Lima becomes a different city once partnered with the Peruvian national drink, the pisco sour. The food tours and cocktail classes dive into a different way to experience the vibrant history and modern culture of Peru. Click the link below for a recipe to make the drink yourself!


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