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When looking to escape the daily stresses of life, consider finding calming solitude in Wyoming. Known for its vast plains and rugged Western culture, this breathtaking state is also home to luxury resorts, gourmet restaurants, and secluded private travel experiences. Once thought to only be home to cattle and wheat crops, Wyoming is quickly becoming a top luxury vacation destination.



Nestled in the foothills of the Grand Tetons, Amangani is the epitome of luxury travel accommodations. The design of the resort seamlessly incorporates the surrounding nature with sandstone columns and redwood beans encasing floor-to-ceiling windows that look out on the Snake River Valley. Each suite has a fireplace and a balcony or terrace that leads to spectacular views. Large parties can stay in a four-bedroom and bathroom Amangani home. Physical and spiritual wellness is prioritized through studios for Pilates, yoga, and meditation, a thirty-five-meter outdoor pool, and a twenty-four-hour fitness room. A range of wellness treatments is available, from a three-hour Ayurvedic practice ritual or even a holistic massage. Embark on a guided wildlife safari, kayak down the Snake River, go snowshoeing or skiing—the opportunities are endless to explore the natural resources that surround Amangani.


Amangani In Summer



Wyoming is home to gourmet dining establishments that combine local and global flavors crafted from prime ingredients. The Grill at Amangani serves sustainable and seasonal meats, fresh fish, and farm-to-table produce. The menu is influenced by the highest quality of regional ingredients such as caribou sausages, bison steaks, Idaho potatoes, and Utah honeycomb. As luxury travel to Wyoming has increased, so has the number of fine dining options and the Grill at Amangani retains its presence as one of the best culinary experiences to be found in this wild and wonderful land.

National Parks

Wyoming is home to two striking national parks, Yellowstone and Grand Teton. A combined 2.5 million acres, both parks offer hiking and biking excursions, wildlife viewing, guided fishing trips, kayaking, boating and much more. Grand Teton is distinguished by the Teton mountain range and is a destination for mountaineers, with the highest peak towering over thirteen thousand feet high. Not to be outdone, Yellowstone boasts incredible thermal features and the largest bison herd in the United States.


Discover Wyoming

Often written off as a destination for ranchers and cowboys, Wyoming will surprise you with the number of private, luxury itineraries it has to offer. The luxury resorts are the perfect home base to return to after a long day of hiking, skiing, or any number of outdoor adventures. Replenish with gourmet food and rejuvenating spa experiences. Wyoming offers the best of secluded natural adventures from the comfort of a beautifully designed, enriching luxury resort stay. Escape to Wyoming to experience nature in a unique way enriched with curated gourmet dining and one of the finest luxury resorts the world has to offer.