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As experienced luxury travel hosts, your EXP Journeys guides know a thing or two about creating a memorable and fun travel experience for you and your guests. From scouting awe-inspiring hikes to securing permits and even coordinating logistics on your itinerary, there are many pieces of the puzzle that go into planning and providing lasting memories on your luxury travel vacation – not the least of which is where and what you should have to eat on your adventure! Lunch is oftentimes one of the most cherished and enjoyable aspects of your trip as it provides a space for reflection and community while ensuring that you are properly fueled for the next step on your excursion.

Snake River, Grand Teton National Park

Most Remote Lunch Locations

From spruce-fir forests on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to secluded beaches on the shores of Lake Powell, EXP Journeys is well versed in choosing and creating luxury picnic lunches in some of the most beautiful natural spaces in the country. Imagine the thrill of rounding a bend after exploring an isolated slot canyon to discover a carefully curated, private picnic lunch awaiting you! Or how about having your own private helicopter deliver you to a tantalizing spread of local, fresh offerings awaiting you on a pristine glacier?! Perhaps these examples will help you understand the magic that remote dining can bring to your luxury vacation.

Icebench Picnics On The Glacier At Sheldon Chalet

How Luxury Dining is brought into Nature

Anyone familiar with high end gastronomical presentation knows that appearance and small touches go a long way to elevating your traditional dining experience to one of luxury and class. Sourcing fresh ingredients, finding the perfect dining spot and combining these aspects into one that not only complements but elevates the natural surroundings is a key aspect of the luxury picnic lunch. When your EXP guides work their magic with a little help from Mother Nature, you will be amazed at how a private picnic lunch can feel like so much more.

Tower Butte, Lake Powell

Grey Glacier, Patagonia

How to setup the Perfect Picnic Lunch

A luxury picnic lunch requires careful consideration and planning to ensure that the chosen space is one that accommodates all guests involved while blending seamlessly into the surrounding environment. When choosing a spot for your private picnic lunch, consider factors such as shade and sun exposure, a convenient escape should rain or other inclement weather impose on your meal and a location that offers serenity and an aesthetically pleasing natural backdrop. As for the food itself, consider locally sourced options with a tie to the surrounding landscape and go heavy on options such as fruit and vegetables as the vibrant colors and freshness of these items will please those looking for a nutritious meal while not leaving them filling heavy or sleepy on their post-lunch hike!

Heli Picnics At Alaska Stillpoint Lodge

Let Us Help!

We hope that these short tips have helped you to have a better understanding of what goes into creating the perfect remote dining experience. However, should you prefer to leave the planning and logistics to the experts so that you can just relax and enjoy your time together with family and friends, EXP Journeys will be happy to handle all the details. Reach out now to find out more about how EXP Journeys can deliver a concise and curated itinerary that will feed not only your appetite for delicious cuisine but your craving for beauty and luxury as well!